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Official Ficl Pages
The official web home of Ficl.
The Ficl download page.

Forth Primers And Tutorials
An excellent Forth primer, by Julian Nobel.
Another excellent Forth primer, by Hans Bezemer.
An Introduction To Forth Using Stack Flow by Gordon Charton. Mr. Charton's stack-flow diagrams make it easy to understand how to manipulate the FORTH stacks.
Phil Burk's Forth Tutorial.

Technical Articles On Ficl And Forth

Manuscript of John Sadler's article on Ficl for January 1999 Dr. Dobb's Journal.

1998 FORML Conference paper: OO Programming in Ficl, written and presented by John Sadler.
Anton Ertl's description of threaded code techniques. (The FORTH-related definition of "threaded code" is different from—and predates—the common modern usage dealing with light-weight processes.) Ficl 4 uses what Ertl calls "switch threading".
1994 Draft Proposed American National Standard for Forth. Surprisingly readable, as language standards go.
The really useful alphabetical index to the standard
Forth literature index on Taygeta, a web clearinghouse of Forth links.

Other Forth Sites Of Interest
The Forth Interest Group.
FORTH, Incorporated. Thirty years old and going strong. You might be surprised to learn that they wrote software for the FedEx "SuperTracker" bar code scanners / package trackers.
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The Forth Web Ring

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